Monday, February 16, 2015

2/16/15 - 24th LETTER FROM DUNCAN

Elder Stock received his latest package from us and loved it!  It even included some letters from our YW.  Favorite line from the letters: "Those are my rangers lost every time a jaeger goes down!"  Kudos to Megan Manwaring who quoted from his favorite movie!!!  I know that Elder Stock tells us this was the "best week ever", but this week was pretty over the top special.  Here he is:

Dear World,
This. Week. Was. The. Best. Bar none. Holy miracles! preface this weekly Elder Stock update, let me just tell you: I am way too blessed! I don't deserve any of the blessings I get, but hey, I don't question miracles! Seriously, I have an amazing family, I was born in the covenant, am currently serving in the best mission on the planet, and have had the utter privilege of teaching--I feel like that's not an accurate description of what I did in my formative days of missionary life...probably preachy stuttering is more like it--the most amazing children of God that I have ever met in my life. Judith, Shawnee, and Will, are members of His Church, of His Family, of His Fold. What a blessing that is! And I got to be a tool (maybe a rusty wrench, but something!) in His hands during that process?! Too blessed. I am honored to have been a part of it at all. 
So. Miracle of the week was honestly Will's baptism. He is the coolest guy that I've ever met, and such an inspiration to me. I cannot believe how far he's come since I met him until now. Words cannot describe it. You cannot tell me that this church isn't true. No one would do what he has done to bring his life in accordance with the gospel if it wasn't. If the Holy Ghost hadn't manifested that truth to him. After a long wait, he was finally cleared for baptism. And what a spectacular night that was. The atmosphere of Valentine's Day was rightfully overshadowed by the pure love of Christ that we felt through the Spirit that night. It was a wonderful service. We got to double dunk in Duncan, too! Both us and the sisters had investigators being baptized. Theirs was Heather, and she is awesome! They're both so solid in the gospel. 
Will was overly excited to be baptized. He was so giddy. it was like watching me watch Pacific Rim. It humbled me. If this guy can get so excited about the gospel, then why can't I every single day?! Well, after his baptism and confirmation, he was literally glowing. It was awesome. He still is haha. I am so excited for him and for the life in this gospel that he has ahead of him. It's going to be incredible. 
The coolest thing for me was seeing the ward take Will and Heather in. As a missionary, sometimes I feel like my investigators' salvation rests on my head. Like, if I don't do something right, they're done for, and I am, too. Totally not true, but it's the natural stress that comes into the situation. So seeing Will getting not only welcomed and fellowshipped, but treated like a king at the fantastic Duncan Ward up here was astounding and heartwarming to see. 
I had an incredible experience last night, though, that needs to be shared with all of you. So, we had our weekly cottage meeting. We decided that we would have a mini testimony meeting, and so we did. And can I just testify to you all that the Spirit was SO strong there! Hearing the testimonies of Judith, Shawnee, and Will were the greatest things I could ever hear. The gospel literally has saved all of their lives. I stand all amazed. The gospel of Jesus Christ is what we need in this life to find happiness and joy in the life to come. I am so grateful to know this, and to know that it has indeed been restored to the earth through a prophet. Joseph Smith. We have a living prophet today. How is that not the coolest news ever?! 
I'm just too overjoyed by this week. It's hard to describe in words. But all I can say is just keep living the gospel. Not only will blessings come, but you will be able to see other people's lives change. I know this church is true, that the whole message of the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ isn't just some really cool, convincing story that we tell to help investigators understand the church, but that it is the truth. It actually happened. Joseph Smith saw God the father and His Son, Jesus Christ. These truths are exactly like the law of gravity. Doesn't matter if you don't believe in them, because you'll still fall when you step off of that cliff. ;) I love this gospel, and I love this mission! Miracles have not ceased! You all have a great week! 

Elder Stock
Elder Stock, Will, Elder Hancock
The last time I saw Colton on the stand singing was in his last Primary Program.

Sister Missionaries, Heather, Will, Elder Stock and Elder Hancock

The next day and Will is still glowing!

 Epic Cottage Meeting!!!

 He loves Duncan!
It will be hard to leave his first area.

Goofy Kid!
Poutine from the Corner House Café
Colton's rating.....EXCELLENT!
Friday will be his SIX MONTH MARK!
I can't believe it's already been that long.  We will celebrate the night before by trying poutine from Costco. 

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