Tuesday, September 16, 2014

09/15/14 - 2nd LETTER FROM DUNCAN

We're so excited to receive his 2nd letter from Duncan.  We're sending his first care package today.....his "GREENIE" package. (it will also include a pair of socks and garments he forgot!  That boy!!!)  I chose not to keep names of investigators/new converts intact in the letter.  You'll just see a letter in place of a name.

(if he doesn't send photos.....I pick them from my stash!)
Hey, mom! Elder Orr has us e-mail at 11;00-ish every Monday. but I'll try to bring it down to chat with you. Grocery shopping went well! Everything's going well! We're getting settled in Duncan, and so that's awesome. it's beautiful here. Yes, I tried poutine. that stuff is wicked good lol. Every restaurant serves it. Even McDonald's! I don't want to try theirs haha. I'll write Mamita. Sorry! I have too many women to write. ;) Lol jk. Sounds like you're pretty busy! That's good, though. I like when I'm busy up here, because time flies and I get a lot done lol. That YW in Excellence song is classic! Haha KIP!!! "Well I guess you can say...I guess you can say that people are getting baptized up here." Lol.
Elder Orr and I are teaching a good pool of people. Three of them are preparing for baptism, and the first baptism we have planned is this Sunday. So...yeah, gospel's true. The Lord is hastening his work. It's awesome. I'll give you a little recap of my week according to my journal.
Monday: P-Day! Epic.
Tuesday: Taught B. She wasn't too receptive. Oh well, good practice. We visited two recent converts, N and K. They are twin guys that are obsessed with Duck Dynasty and have huge beards to show their devotion lol. They're pretty funny and just good guys. They worship the TV. Everything they watch on it is sacred to them. they have Planet of the Apes collection in their apartment. Our Bishop, Bishop Coleman, is a boss. He's such a hard worker and went out with us to teach one of our baptismal investigators. Shared with us his vision for the Duncan ward. read Ether 12:12. By our FAITH, the Lord can bring unto us miracles. Cool stuff. We're on the winning team. We don't need to be gorilla linemen, or star receivers, we just need to put on the jersey and run. :)
Wednesday: Busy day, met with G, our 97 year old investigator! He loves dancing lol. Tracted for a while. Got some good conversations in. Taught one of our baptismal investigators. Tithing analogy was awesome.
Thursday: Planned for the week. It was a grind. But we persevered. Met a man who's Bahi. Learned about that religion. He gave us Triscuits, though, so....I count it as a win!
Friday: We had an awesome zone meeting in which they announced that we can now eat dinner with members!!!! Whoa!!! So that's awesome. People are so excited to have us in the home again. We met with some investigators and it went well.
Saturday: Fun day, lots of tracting, member visit at the Cyphers. We had a ward social at night....I heard worldly music! AH! Haha it was great. Don't tell my leaders.... :O We had a lot of investigators there, though. So that was good.
Sunday: Awesome day, as usual. A man named D just up and showed up at church. We're teaching him tonight.
The Lord works many miracles. I know He loves each of His children, and he wants to help them personally and individually. It's awesome. Elder Orr and I are doin' pretty well! I hope you have a great week! Also: in Lehi's dream of the Iron Rod, I find it interesting when he says there were some who clung to the rod, and there were others who held steadfast to it. Those who hold steadfast and never let go, even when their life is going well, endure to the end and return to live with Him. Those that cling to him in their hard times and let go in the good times are easily led away. It was a cool lesson I learned from the scriptures. Anyways, I love you so much, mom!
Have a great week!
Elder Stock

Sorry there were no pictures this week....I left my USB at home... Next week, though! Also, we have a CD of 9 hours of church/mission music in our car... One of the songs is Have I Done Any Good? by Alex Boye!!!!! Ya-yuh!!!! We love it. Haha. That's the mish anthem now... But yeah, we're doin' well. Love you!

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