Saturday, September 6, 2014


Elder Stock left the MTC for the Salt Lake City Airport Wednesday morning.  He was able to call us and talk for a few minutes before boarding his 11am flight to Vancouver, Canada.  I was so surprised to have him call me (since he didn't email that he would) and loved every minute of it!!!  Kyler was home sick and was able to talk to his brother....OK, really, he didn't want to talk as much as rub it in his face that he will be going to Disneyland this fall break!  After talking with us, he called his dad at work.  We were all thrilled!!!!  Well, I was so happy until he hung up the phone.  It was harder on me than saying goodbye to him 2 weeks earlier.  Later that night, we received another call.  Thankfully, this one was from Elder Olsen who was calling for President and Sister Burt.  He let me know that Elder Stock had arrived to the mission home safely and would be spending the night before going to his new area the next day.  I asked if he could tell me where he would be sent, he just said that my son will tell me on Monday in his email.  THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING ME!!!!!  Thursday I thought of him all day.  I wondered where he would be serving, who his new companion is, how they were getting along, where are they living?  In the afternoon, I was on facebook and saw a photo of  some new missionaries.  I quickly checked my email and here it was:
Sister Burt, Colton and President Burt
 Sister Burt, Colton, His First Companion (can't read the nametag!), and President Burt
They look so similar to me!
I'm so excited to hear from him on Monday.  I hope he gives me plenty of details! 
{a mother can dream, can't she ;-)}

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