Friday, August 29, 2014

LETTER NUMBER TWO! (Last one from the MTC)

Here's his second letter....and photos!  Enjoy!

Hey, guys! It's Elder Stock here. The MTC is literally a blast. My district and I are super close. We're a six-panionship...six separate beings...with one purpose: to make the MTC awesome. And we've achieved that so far. It's been a blast. I've learned A TON from my teachers. Like, before I came here, I thought it was just spit out the bullet points of the Preach My Gospel lessons and maybe say something by the spirit at the end. HA! I've learned the basics of how to teach people, not lessons. You have to teach the doctrine to fit their needs. It's super awesome. As I told my companion in a burst of revelatory epicness, "We're not here to convert people with our teachings, we're here to teach people how to convert themselves." Chills. Well, the first time I said it, it sounded really Bednar-esque lol. Ok, so our table in our dorm room (which smells like six eighteen year old guys haven't washed their clothes for a week... :O) is covered with all of the packages and the food and snacks we've gotten collectively. Elder Ringer's girlfriend sends us (I mean, him...) a ton of food and slinkies and stuff haha. We went to the temple this morning. It was awesome and even more peaceful and inspiring now that we're full-time servants of the Lord. I am the weird missionary already lol. I've been consistently making dumb jokes and puns and weird movie references but they love it--they say I'm the best entertainment they've had in a while.... I don't have much competition lol. As we were walking back from the temple, some guys drove by with his windows rolled down and he was blasting some epic, low bass music or something. We all simultaneously started dancing in the weirdest way possible lol. Shows you how separated from the world we've already gotten lol. Anyways, me and Elder Ricks are epic teachers. He's the bold, spiritual 12-gauge missionary that hits them hard with personal testimony, and I'm the calmer, more understanding missionary that makes them feel good and then BAM! Spirit. Haha. They never see it coming... It's been great. I can't wait to do this on real investigators. I want to see actual spiritual progress!!!! Anyways, it's been great here. I haven't gained any weight: I know, applause. The food here is abundant...but I have overcome the tempter's snare... Lol kind of. I can't help it with the chocolate milk.
I've loved hearing about how everyone's doing in the House of Steve. The Age of Colton has ended. But the Age of Elder Stock...a tyrannical war campaign on the forces of Satan, has just begun. Muhahaha. My Godzilla toy is epic. Every night, right as everyone quiets down to go to bed, and it's pitch black in the dorm room, I press the spines and it lets out an awe-inspiring 'Jira roar that makes everyone laugh. The Spirit of Godzilla, like a fire is burning....
We had in-field orientation yesterday. Nine hours straight of listening to how to street contact, how to work with member, etc. It was brutal, but we had fun with it. Attitude is everything, pick a good one, right? So yeah! I will probably be sending pictures to everyone later today once we figure out how to do that! But send my pictures, too! I want to see AZ lol. I'll talk to you later!
Love you guys,
Elder Stock
This is my MTC District's 90's rap album cover. 
​Aw yeah.  
The "Bring It, Satan" pose in front of the temple. 
Yay! Chastity lesson!!!! Lol. 
 Comp selfie.
 This is Elder Alberta. We'll miss him....his actual name is Elder Roberts haha.
As hood as I can be in the MTC. I'm getting a haircut today. I need it lol. But there is my tag, mom!!!!! You proud now?! Lol. 
This is my district on P-Day. Epic!!! From left to right: Elder Briscoe, Elder Ringer, Elder Mortenson, Elder Stone, Elder Stock, Elder Ricks. We're CANUCK-ted!!!!! 
 Mai district's newest rap album cover.
The essentials. Godzilla, the white bible (Mish Handbook), and my tags. 
So yeah, the MTC's been great. Tell Asher and Kyler that they should write me letters and stuff. I will try to find Canadian swag for them haha. Enjoy your three day weekend! Try and find a talk called the Character of Christ by Bednar back home. It was SO GOOD!!!! Life changing. I loved it. I love this church, I know it's true, and I'm happy to be serving the Lord. See ya!!!! I love you all!
-Elder Stock

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  1. Oh my gosh! Our whole family is rolling in laughter! We love these letters! Elder Stock rocks!