Monday, August 25, 2014


We were so excited to hear from Colton last Friday.  Since he hasn't figured out how to send us photos, I'll post one.  Here's part of what he shared:

Mom, Dad, Ash, Ky, Roscoe, and Coco,

Hey, guys! I miss you a ton! I love you all, but I'm going to be honest: I'm enjoying mission life haha. My MTC experience so far has been pretty great. Imagine EFY and seminary had a baby, that baby was injected with eight tons of steroids, and then you can't flirt with girls. So....yeah...haha. The third "G" had to be replaced with more gospel. (Colton told us after EFY that it had the three "G's" - the Gospel, Good food and Girls!)

My companion's name is Elder Ricks. (Yep, Rick's College was his great grandfather's thing or something haha). We're super different but are the same level of devoutness so it works out haha. When we teach, it's like BOOM! Spirit. He's super cool, but I'm glad when I can go to the bathroom or shower so I can get away from my companion...
My district is super cool! We all have the manliest names-there are six of us, three companionships, and we have names like Stock, Ricks, Briscoe, Ringer, Stone, and Mortenson. It's like a missionary version of The Expendables haha. I was going to send you a letter I wrote on my first day, but I had no time to send it. Today is my P-Day. I leave for Vancouver on Sept. 3 and my flight is at 11:00 AM. It's gonna be epic! So, we only really have one more week. Time's flying by and going molasses slow at the same time.
I'm learning a lot about coming closer to Christ and teaching it, etc. The MTC is super fun, but I'll get random bouts of "holy fetch, this is my life for two years" depressing stuff...but it goes away once I read the scriptures or pray or teach people, etc. I'm feeling the Spirit here! I'm wearing my Godzilla shirt for P-Day. The creature comforts! Or...Kaiju comforts.....

One of our Elders in the district, Elder Ringer, got a massive care package and six page letter from his girlfriend....he got to give us slinkies from it!!!! Hope he doesn't get Dear Johned....I like her gifts lol.
I got a care package from the Codling's! They gave me cupcakes! Enough for everyone in my district! We feasted. I can't wait to e-mail you guys some more! And this is gonna be awesome! I'll really excited to share this gospel with others!

Elder Stock

Oh! Also, me and Elder Ricks already got called to be zone leaders here hahahahahaha. I guess that bit about leadership on my mission is already coming true. We have no idea what we're doing yet, but we'll figure it out...... You should give me more people's emails or tell more people to e-mail me haha. I can't wait to say hi to everyone!

I'm not sure how to send pictures yet....I'll do that when I find out lol

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  1. Our family loved reading this! Can't wait for the next one!