Friday, August 22, 2014

D-DAY (aka Drop Off Day for the MTC)

He's packed.
 He's studied.
 He's prepared.
He's ready for his assignment.
 Time for the MTC.
 But first.....lunch with Emily!
Cafe Rio!!!
And yes....more photos!
 Saying our goodbyes before dropping him off.
 He will be missed!!!
 But we still have THIS guy!
 The reason for photos as we entered the MTC...the camera helped me to focus and not cry yet.....YET!
 Busy day!  LOTS of cars and missionaries roaming around.
We were instructed where to park. (number 8 is my lucky/favorite number!)
 Elder Brode was ready to help Colton with luggage and escort him. I love that he and Kyler are practically the same height!  After this photo, Colton hugged me.....that's when the tears started.  I quickly said goodbye and promptly got in the car.  
 We are all so happy for Elder Stock!!!
We know you'll do a wonderful job!!!
The people in the Canada Vancouver Mission will be blessed by your service and love for them.

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  1. Reading the is post made me feel the nervous excited feeling I had entering the MTC. I loved it there! It was a wonderful prep time for my mission with so many amazing elder and sister missionaries waiting to go share the gospel throughout the world! He will love it!