Monday, October 6, 2014

10/06/14 - 5th LETTER FROM DUNCAN

Dear Loyal Fans and Internet Stalkers Alike,

Well, this marks another fantastic week here in Duncan, BC! Elder Orr and I are like two peas in a pod, two buns on a burger, two seats on a see-saw... Wow. Those were ALL super weird and creepy. But yeah, we're doin' good. ;) We're like brothers now. Well, technically, he's my dad (You're missionary trainer is nicknamed your dad). You better believe I have fun with that! Jokes like, "Tracting with dad," and "Dunkin' in Duncan with dad," are constantly being said. It's hilarious. To me, at least. Anyways, it's Elder Orr's birthday!!!!! Happy Birthday with dad!!! Gonna have to go eat something awesome after we e-mail!
So, this week, as usual on the mish, has been full of miracles and pure spiritual awesomeness. Not only was this weekend a super spiritual recharge with the pure awesomeness that was general conference, but we had our first baptism last night!!!! {:D
So, the week was awesome. We met with our investigator, Judith, almost everyday this week to prepare her for her baptism this Sunday. And those meetings were great. She has such a desire to follow the example of Christ and be baptized and work toward a more faithful life of service to Him. It's so awesome to see. We had awesome spiritual experiences this week. We met with some born-again Christian guy to do service for him (move some logs and stuff in his yard) and he gave us lunch. Little did we know was that it was a trap. Well, the food was super good so we stayed anyways, but this guy goes on and on about how we're being deceived by the devil "disguised as an angel of light", etc. It was hilarious to watch. We kind of just ate our bratwursts and let him drone on. He told us that heaven is gonna be awesome, and the purpose of Captain America and the Hulk is that we are supposed to be like them in heaven. Haha... He'll believe THAT, but not that God caleld another prophet...just like He's done throughout the beginning of the Earth.... Riiiiiighhtt.... Anyways, it's crazy to see how lost people are and how hard Satan works at people to try to turn them away from the truth: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This is Jesus Christ's church, reestablished on the Earth through a modern-day prophet Joseph Smith. I know this through the Holy Ghost. It has born witness to me of its truthfulness, and as President Uchtdorf said two days ago, the truths that the Spirit teaches you are more valuable than the highest education on Earth. It's so true. Heavenly Father wants us to know all, and He can give us knowledge through His Spirit. It's so awesome!
So, then we got to meet with another investigator, A. This guy has been through some ridiculously hard times, and wants to follow Christ, and he says that whenever we meet with him, he feels this spiritual recharge that last for a while, then dwindles and is recharged again when we come back to him. We told him that this was the Holy Ghost, which we have access to through ordinances like baptism and confirmation. We asked him if he wanted the constant companionship of this "spiritual recharge", and he said, more than anything. We committed him to baptism and he said he needs to think about it, but he said he'd like to soon! Miracles have not ceased!!!!
Anyways, general conference was SUPER awesome. Every speaker had with them such a wondrous Spirit. I got so much out of this conference, and I look forward to applying it to my life this week as I go out and represent Jesus Christ and minister to His children, and invite them to join His fold. This work is not ours, it is His. He is with us on our left and on our right.
After conference, we had a baptismal service for Judith Shaw..... Guess who got baptize her?
ME! It was crazy awesome. The Spirit was so strong at the service, and I was so grateful that I am able to use my priesthood to help bless the lives of others. She said that as she was under the water, she felt this indescribable feeling. She said it felt really good. Elder Orr and I told her that some people have described it as a warm blanket being wrapped around you. She said that was a good way to put it. And the difference in her countenance before and after the baptism was staggering. She's a new person. She has truly been born again in Christ (and not in the weird Captain-America-heaven way, but in the correct way, by His sacred priesthood authority!) Oh, man, this weekend was tremendous. Easily the best of my life thus far, as far as just feeling that Spirit and and having Him testify and confirm to me the wonderful truths of this gospel.
I love you all. You seriously all rock. This Church is true. Jesus Christ lives. He is with us now. And he is at the helm of this great work. I know this to be true.

-Elder Stock


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  1. I'm sure you are an incredible missionary Colton! You bring the spirit into our home as we read your inspiring and uplifting letters.