Monday, October 20, 2014

10/20/14 - 7th LETTER FROM DUNCAN

Another great's Missionary Mail time!!!!!
Dear Missionary Stalkers:

Hello! It's rainy in Duncan! As an Arizonan, I love it! Well, the mission is awesome. As usual! This week, I don't necessarily have too many crazy spiritual experiences. Or maybe I do, but I've gotten so used to them that they're normal... Either way, it was great week and more than that: this week was actually FUN! What?! Fun and mission in the same e-mail?! Yeah, I went there. Let's divulge:
So, Monday was great. fantastic. We ended the day by teaching some investigators about baptism and 2 Nephi 31, etc. Which was awesome. Oh, and now we have sister missionaries in our area. Translation: Elder Orr and I have to start working SUPER hard now to keep up with their work. Man, just when you get into a groove, the Lord kicks it up a notch. What the heck? Does he want us to improve and learn from challenges in order to grow and become like Him someday or something?! Anyways, we then saw our recent converts N and K on Tuesday. These guys are hilarious! We watched a bunch of LDS videos with them to keep them entertained, and then we asked them if they wanted to start to prepare to receive the Aaronic Priesthood. They said that that would be too hard. They just want to sit there in church. Wow! Well, at least they're honest! I wish I was courageous enough to say that back when I was twelve! "Yeah, bishop...if I get the priesthood...I'll just have even MORE'll take a rain check." Kidding! Love the priesthood! We also saw a crazy Celtic guy that has a ton of stained glass in his house and a cat the size of a small child!
He was hilarious to talk to. And we're going back around Halloween to see his decorations.
Wednesday, we helped someone move into their home, and we talked with our recent convert, J, about the concerns she still has. Her testimony is growing so powerfully and she can literally feel the Holy Ghost in her life. That's awesome! We ended the night by talking about skinwalkers and ghost stories over the phone with Elder Gawrys from Campbell River.... Scary stuff! Thursday was awesome. We helped a potential investigator plant some trees in his yard, and he was super appreciative. He's looking for a church, but he's still not too sure yet. Boy, he's so ready! I love seeing how the Lord literally prepares people to receive this gospel. We went with our awesome bishop to contact some former investigators, and ran into this crazy guy with beer cans and cigarettes COVERING his floor. The gospel's for everybody! So we went in and got into a huge discussion about God with Him. He told us we were pretty nice for being open minded, but he's already figured out what God wants for him. So he kicked us out. Yeah, man...I'm not sure God WANTS you to have addictions to nasty substances, but, you know, who am I to judge? ;) 
Friday was the day that we were compelled to be humble. All of our plans fell through, and so we were finding (tracting, street contacting, etc.) all day. It was nuts. We saw literally no success. So, we had a super spiritual companionship inventory where we set major goals for this next transfer of how we are going to become awesome missionaries and consecrate ourselves to  the work. It was awesome. We then met with Big Papa, one of our investigators, and we drove to Nanaimo for stake conference. The whole zone went to the meeting because President Burt was there. As I was sitting there, some guy taps my shoulder. I turned around and BOOM!
Elder McCown, in the flesh!
Whoa! He's being trained in Port Alberni, so he's in my zone! It was awesome to see him and his excitement for the work. I'm so pumped to be serving in the same zone as him. We stayed the night in Nanaimo South's apartment. Me and Elders Orr, Burns, Durfee, Gawrys, and Briscoe all in the same apartment,. We PT'd (Pillow Talk), like, all night haha. It was nuts. But it was super fun. I love being surrounded by missionaries and that we each have that same goal of inviting others to come unto Christ. It's awesome. Then, we went to stake conference on Sunday after we all made heavenly breakfast burritos, and President Burt interviewed our investigator, S, and cleared her for baptism! Miracles! So, Duncan will have another baptism soon! Man, the work is hastening. I am so glad. I love this gospel, and I love the Book of Mormon. It is truly the keystone of our religion, and of the restored Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. What a joy and a peace that that brings into our lives. I love it! I hope you're all having a wonderful week, and remember: everyone's a missionary! Share this gospel out of a pure love for everyone you see!

That One Guy,
Elder Stock
We finally have missionaries on our bulletin board!!!!  Elder Blake Sanders is serving in South Africa.  His family just moved into our ward this summer.  Then Colton!!!  It's not quite the 16x20 he envisioned, but it works ;-)

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