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This weekend there was a social media blitz in British Columbia.  Two members shared photos of Colton and his companion and it was a great surprise for me! Jon Johnston took shared these two photos:
We meet the missionaries early to study with them.  They pray, study scriptures and make lesson plans.  We discussed the needs of people they teach and how to help them. #RealBCMormons
Nate Johnston and I joined the missionaries to help move dirt for a community garden.  The organic vegetables will be given to people in the neighborhood.  #RealBCMormons  Mormon missionaries usually wear white shirts and neckties.  But they wear work clothes when someone needs help.
Douglas Blatherwick posted these three photos:
Out with Elder Stock from Arizona and Elder Spencer from Zimbabwe.  #RealBCMormons
Sometimes missionaries get busy and have a hard time making time to eat.  They often try to find cheap, or all you can eat places to extend time between meals and save money.  One place of favor to missionaries over the years has been Uncle Willy's.  #RealBCMormons
As I left the missionaries I saw this view of #Burnaby and thought this is not a bad place to spend 1.5 to 2 years of your life on a mission.  I know I like living here.  Isn't it beautiful what God created?
As our church leaders have said, we are all missionaries, the full-time missionaries are just here to help us.  #RealBCMormons
It is a beautiful place.  Now let's hear about Elder Stock's adventures this week.

Dear All Y'All,

This week was great.  Elder Spencer and I conducted our zone meeting on was a little nerve-wracking at first because Preisdent Burt himself attended ours.  So I was nervous to get up and starting our missionaries on accountability, how district meetings should look, etc.  Gladly, it all went really well.  Super interactive, super edifying, etc.  I love Elder Spencer.  He is a boss.  Just a bank of mission knowledge all contained in one Zimbabwean superstar missionary.  It's been good.  It's cool to see him, on his last transfer, still going strong.  Not losing momentum.  That's a good example to me.  I should treat every transfer that wya, with a desire to not lose momentum.  Because that is how everything falls apart.

As you probably all saw, as well, we had an epic media blitz!!!  It was fun to have members with us for the majority of the day, and to see the crazy awesome miracles that happened because of it.  Seriously: member-missionary work is the way that we access the true power of the Hastening.  Do it.  It is the Lord's way, and the only way that we can help others to truly come unto Christ.  Seriously, though.  What qualifies us for eternal life?  Enduring to the end!  What helps converts endure to the end?  Having a friend in the church.  Fellow-shippings is the biggest task that we have to attend to in this Work.  And us as missionaries can't do that, because we are always swapping wards.  Members and missionaries are one.  Simple as that.

We also got to attend this cool fireside last night by Dr. Givens with two of our investigators, Kevin and Anja, and the fireside was all about why we should choose to believe the restored gospel, and the five gems of the Restoration.  In layman's terms, they are that: God is passionate, He feels our feelings, that we have existed eternally, that we are in an ascent toward God, and not a Fall, that God is an architect with ambition; not a repairman acting out of desperation, and that heaven is a continuation of our family relationships on earth.  It was super cool and mind-blowing, and we got a lot out of it.

The gospel principle that I've truly learned this week is that God is passionate, that He cares about us so individually, so perfectly, and so intimately.  He is focused on us, we are His greatest joy.  All that He wants is for us to return to live with Him, but more than that: to become better from our life on earth.  He is not satisfied with us just living with Him.  He wants us to learn, to grow, to become like Him.  What an incredible Father we have, who has orchestrated with us such a perfect plan to go about doing this.  I am grateful for the plan of salvation, and I am grateful for how incredibly detailed our Heavenly Father is, and how truly dedicated He is to all of us.  So reach out to Him!  Pray a little bit more, seek His guidance.  Because He knows exactly what you can become.  And it is far greater than anything you have ever imagined.

I am truly honored to be here in Canada.  This mission that I am serving is honestly the greatest time of my life.  You are all amazing!  If you see my picture on Facebook, just know that..we're #RealBCMormons ;)

Elder Stock

His beloved Chipotle!

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