Monday, April 20, 2015


Today marks Colton's 8 Month Mark!!!  Here's the letter!

Dear Everyone,

What an incredible week.  In Moroni 7, this amazing Book of Mormon prophet asks us a pretty rhetorical question when he inquires, "have miracles ceased because Christ hath ascended into heaven...?" Because He fulfilled the law, and accomplished the Atonement, is it all over?  Is God just on a recliner, ceasing the work He has always done?  "Behold, I, [Moroni], say unto you, Nay; neither have angels ceased to minister unto the children of men."  Now, angels do minister to us.  But what exactly is an angel!?!  Moroni explains that, "the office of [an angel's] ministry is to call men unto repentance, and to fulfill and do the work of the covenants of the prepare the way among the children of men, by declaring the word of Christ unto the chosen vessels of the Lord, that they may bear testimony of him."

Whoa.  What's an angel again?!  Someone...or something...that calls men to repentance...fulfills Heavenly Father's covenants...and prepares the way for His children to return to Him by declaring His gospel of Jesus Christ to them, that they may testify of it and of Him... That sounds really familiar to me...

There's something else that has a similar office...a calling or something.  Someone who is called to "help people qualify for baptism and confirmation by teaching them true doctrine and inviting them to repent and change their lives through making and keeping commitments that build their faith in Jesus Christ." Oh, yeah! A missionary!  As missioanries, we call men to repentance.  We invite others to make and keep commitments, to ACT, to Do something that will build their faith in Christ and help them to change in accordance with His will.  We fulfill and do the work of Heavenly Father's covenants.  He promised that He would gather His children.  In unity.  In one faith.  Why do we have a Church?  To gather ourselves in unity and faith!  That's why we're inviting everyone to it.  We prepare the way for His children to return to live with Him.  As they are baptized and live the gospel of Jesus Christ, then that way is wide open and they can return.  We declare the gospel, the word of Christ, to chosen vessels.  To those whom the Lord has prepared.  And when they are truly converted, they testify of Him and of His gospel.

My recent convert in Duncan, Will (one of the greatest men I have ever met in my life), was just called to be an Assistant Ward Mission Leader in his ward.  He is testifying of Jesus Christ.  He has been ministered unto, and now he is ministering to others.  Because we do not learn truth just to keep it.  That's not how God's plan works.  He didn't give Joseph Smith the most remarkable answer to prayer ever just so that Joseph could keep it as a souvenir and go on his merry way.  He gave him that answer so that he could share, so that he could help others to come to the same witness of the truth.  And look at the work now.  Sharing the gospel is a fundamental part of learning the gospel.  So go out and share it!  I have learned that as long as we are doing all that we can do, and we are living the gospel of Jesus Christ, that the Lord will bless us.

Miracles truly have not ceased, and nor will they ever now.  The Lord is hastening His work.  Of that I testify.  This week, we found someone who moved here from Kamloops with her two twin sons.  She's a single mom who's had an incredibly rough past, and all that she wants to do is move forward, to be baptized, and do all that she can to lead by example, to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.  Not only was her coming in contact with us a miracle for her, but it was a blessing for us as well.  We have been finding so many people who will meet up, but are not willing to progress, to live the gospel.  And so finally, the Lord has granted us that desire of our hearts.  A blessing for both sides...that is how the Lord works!  He gives to all men liberally, and He is so good to us.  Blessings and miracles are raining down upon us each and every day.  All that we need to do is "close our umbrella" and feel the rain.  I am honored to be here in Burnaby with Elder Spencer.  He is amazing, and has taught me so much.  I am grateful for the missionaries that I serve each day and for the ward that I have been given to work with and bless.  I am grateful for the support of such an amazing family, that truly is an example to me of making the gospel of Jesus Christ a pattern of living.  I am excited to serve.

Have an amazing week,
Elder Stock

Elder Stock selfie...
 Transformers collection that some kid had in Coquitlam...He's obsessed ;-)
 Went on exchanges with Elder Kelly in Coquitlam!  
"We're here to FIND, Elder Kelly....not SEE!" #moralauthority
 Elder Spencer calling a district leader...
 Me and Elder Spencer calling a district leader.... ;-)
 All-You-Can-Eat Sushi.... SO much food....
8 months down....
16 more to go!

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