Monday, December 14, 2015

12/14/15 - 18th LETTER FROM LANGLEY


Whoa. Transfer week. More like....chaotic whirlpool of flying across the Lower Mainland in a Nissan Rogue week...

Elder Gawrys is gone. Cannon shot up to the Great White North. I remain. A lone wolf....with two other companions now...

Elder Briscoe and Elder Reay are awesome. It's a blast to have such good companions and to have three of us in the YSA. Work is about to get DONE!

So...I was in the MTC with Elder Briscoe. We know each other quite well. He's from Missouri and is a blast. He's hilarious, loves pandas, and is really diligent. He sits in the back of the car and phones through TONS of potential investigators that we have found and sets up crazy awesome teaching appointments. He's also super new to YSA work and so it's fun to watch his reaction to the incredibly fast pace of it all.

Elder Reay is incredible. He's from Slidell, Texas...a town of 125 and filled to the brim with American character. He's got a thicker accent than most and is basically a cowboy incarnate. He's got an awesome testimony and is an asset to the area.

Together, we form the indestructible tri-force of missionary work called the Langely Tri-SA. Well, with the Spirit magnifying our call, of course...

We have had a good week so far together. It's been hectic and crazy, but good.

C is doing well and we are still on track with him to be baptized, and we are hoping and praying that everything goes well with that.'s apparently almost Christmas. It has been sneaking up really quickly and it is actually a weird thought to think that Christmas is almost upon us. But, I guess I will just roll with it...

It's a great time of year to do missionary work, though. I am enthralled to be here. Especially in the Fraser Valley YSA. It's incredible.

I can't really remember what happened this was kind of a blur of little to no sleep and driving all over the place through cities to drop off and pick up missionaries. I do know, however, that I was able to eat at an all-you-can-eat Korean and Japanese BBQ called Il Uk Jo's....and that was incredible. Oh, and I also got to do some cool new thing they're doing in the mission.

So, when new missionaries come into the mission now they do this thing where the new missionary gets paired up with a missionary in the Lower Mainland and we go do some missionary work for a couple hours and then drop 'em off at the mission office for them to meet their trainers. I got paired up with Elder Weli, a Norwegian who's super fresh looking. It was fun. We went to Surrey Central sky train and just went crazy and got Fresh Slice pizza and then threw him back at the other greenies as if nothing happened.

We've got zone meeting coming up, so that will be fun! It's Christmas/Atonement themed, so we are excited. There's even going to be a nice warm Christmas lunch! Bring on the food!

I'll keep you all updated. Thanks for the support and have an incredible week!

Until next time,
Elder Stock
The Langley Tri-SA is here. Get feared.
Getting ready for the first wave of food...
 All you can eat sushi!!!!

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