Tuesday, December 8, 2015

12/7/15 - 17th LETTER FROM LANGLEY


A giant claw swooped through our mission two nights ago. It was devastating. Tearing apart companionships, tossing missionaries across the province. A violent and brutal night it was. But alas, I shall still make a record of the destruction. This ominous, physics-defying claw was called.....

THE TRANSFER CALL!!!!!!!!!! (Get terrified...)

We were sitting in a lesson with our INCREDIBLE investigator C (if you're reading this, C: you are awesome), and all of a sudden, the entire roof exploded and this claw flies in and just grabs Elder Gawrys and flings him clear up to Terrace, BC. Clear up North. Near the cold, relentless coast. And it stares at me and seems to whisper, "You're next," in a raspy, robotic purr. And I clench my fists and yell, "NEVER!" as the rain pours in from the outside through the newly torn hole in the ceiling.

In reality, we were sitting in the lesson and got a call from Elder Ricks (one of the greatest assistants to President Burt in the world and my MTC companion and best friend) and he tells Elder Gawrys that he is being transferred to Terrace and that I am for some reason staying in Langley YSA! They just can't get rid of me. My new companions will be Elder Briscoe, (who I was in the MTC with and who was trained by Elder Gawrys himself) and Elder Reye, who is a younger missionary that evidently has an incredible Texan drawl. Cannot wait!

So, if you were waiting for an insane new area to get announced on the Missionary Journeys of Elder Stock, you are in for a sad surprise. But, if you wanted the scoop on one of the funnest and miracle-filled weeks of missionary work every, then please keep reading!

During the week, we flew in a military-grade Nissan Rogue across the western half of the Fraser Valley, gathering lost souls and ministering to children of God like representatives of Jesus Christ do these days. We infiltrated a mainstream Christian college called Trinity Western University and taught people about the Restoration of Christ's gospel. And a cool miracle happened!

So, we were driving away from a sky train station in Surrey, and we got to a red light. Next to us, there was a man in his car just chilling out with his window rolled down. Basically telling us, "Hey! I want to receive the gospel!" So....we obeyed.... I rolled down the window. "Hey, man! We're ministers from our church! We're sharing our favorite book with everyone! The Book of Mormon!" I held up a fresh copy of the fruit of the Restoration...just waiting to be proven true through the witness of the Holy Ghost. "Do you want one?!" I shouted amidst the roar of engines.

"Yeah, man! I'll take it! Free, right?"

"Of course!" I said and tossed the Book of Mormon into his outstretched hands. "Hey, tell you what, we'll text you and see how you liked reading from it! Can we get your number?!"

"Sure, man!"

Boom. The rest is history. He texted us later, asking if the Book of Mormon taught about the afterlife and the judgement...because he wanted to know more about those things... Um...prepared much?! So: moral of the story.....Never stop being a missionary. Even at a red light. You're still called to invite others to come unto Christ.

I also am pretty much fully recovered from my crazy weird cold that I got! So, that's a miracle!

I'm excited for this week and the transfer ahead of me. I know it's going to be good, and I know that I am in the Lord's hands.

I am grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ. For the access it provides for us to the Atonement of our Savior. Especially for the ordinance of baptism that helps us to be cleansed of our sin, and for the sacrament that we have the privilege to take each week to renew and build upon that covenant. It is my testimony that this Church is His Church, that His restored gospel is the way, that He lives today. That because of Him, we can be whole. We can be healed. We can rejoice! Because a Savior truly is Born!

Go to https://www.mormon.org/christmas is you haven't already and then share the video, A Savior is Born, with everyone you know. They will feel the Spirit this Christmas as you do.

Have an awesome week!

Elder Stock

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