Monday, January 4, 2016

1/4/16 - 21st LETTER FROM LANGLEY.....ok, maybe just photos!

I know Elder Stock has forgotten to send photos with his letter, but he's never forgotten the letter....until today! He even emailed me and asked if I received it yet. I let him know I had NOT received a letter, just the photos. I sent him a few more emails pleading for the letter.....but to no avail. :-( At least we have some photos to look at. Enjoy!

Farewell to Elder Reay....the Tri-Force is shattered :(
Frosty day...Elder Briscoe and I brace the cold on our way to church.
The map of our favorite finding spot...
The bridge across the Fraser River. That's a part of the city of Surrey!
Frosty trees!

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