Monday, January 5, 2015

1/5/15 - 18th LETTER FROM DUNCAN

Transfers are this week!  Duncan or a new area?!?  We will know next week....unless Sister Ruttan will tell me before then ;-)  Kyler is into making memes for Colton......maybe next week he can have a different photo.

Dear Humanity,
I feel like I haven't written you all since, like, last year! *Crickets chirp* 2015 is truly the one year of my life, where I will have the opportunity of serving the Lord the entire time. I am pumped! My New Year's resolution? To become a better missionary! Pretty vague, but I have a lot of goals written down, like repenting daily, accounting to the Lord, etc. It's gonna be epic!
This past week has been usual... Duncan is fantastic. Great weather, and beautiful scenery. I never knew trees could gets so tall until I came up here. I actually didn't really know that trees could grow at all until I came up here. I still love Arizona scenery, though! So, last week we went to a creepy thrift shop in downtown Duncan. I was sifting through the creep-fest ensuing before my eyes, and found...nothing good...except for a really disturbing doll with half of its face ripped off. Thrift shoppin' in Canada! Sweet! We made some Missourian food in honor of Elder Jacobs, as well. Jambalaya and wassun (I think that's how you spell it...){I think he's talking about wassail}, that one drink that's like orange juice, apple juice, cinnamon, and cloves had a baby. It's pretty good! Also, with our new Nerf guns, Elder Hansen accidentally shot Elder Jacobs' point blank straight in the eye. It was hilarious. Well, except for when Elder Jacobs couldn't see for a couple of days... Don't worry, the eye doctor said he's fine. And he can see now. We think... 
We visited N and K again, and N revealed the stunning truth: he doesn't like the new Planet of the Apes reboot movies. If I wasn't a missionary, I would have left. Kidding, kidding! It was super funny, though. They're doing great. 
We visited our new investigator, M, and he is awesome! He is seriously so prepared! The Lord is truly, actively involved in His work. We are just tools. We are the ground troops, but He is the commander. He sees all, and He knows all. That's why it's so important that we keep our inner vessel clean. that we are truly conduits for His spirit. Otherwise, He cannot work through us, and then no work will be done. because then, it will be man's work. 
We also got to meet with one of our investigators, R. His sons S and A love a certain movie that I was able to connect guessed it.. PAC RIM! It was hilarious. They weren't really paying attention and then I found out they liked the movie, so I started geekin' out with them, and then after that, they were totally engrossed in the lesson. The plan of salvation is awesome.
We also saw a pretty neat miracle. We went to Boston Pizza, and ordered a pretty good amount of food to start our fast. After we were finished, the waitress told us that someone had picked up our bill. We looked over and this older gentleman was leaving with his wife. She pointed at him and said, "It was him." We thanked him and he left abruptly. But it was super cool to see that Christ-like love. Something so simple as paying for someone's meal. It made a difference to me. By small and simple things, great things come to pass. 
We got to visit a man named S. He is another testimony of how much the Lord prepares His children for His message. He's been through a lot of rough times, but because of this, he knows that there is a God that loves him. And that's all that matters. Everything else comes after that. Being with him at church yesterday was sacred. He truly felt the Spirit there. You could see it in his eyes. And it was wonderful. I love this mission. I have never known before, with such certainty as I do now, that Heavenly Father is real, that He loves us so much. That the priesthood is real. That His church, His truths, His pathway back to Him, are back on the earth once more. Right at our fingertips. All we need to do is hold on. We already know the result of this war between us and the adversary. God will not let us down. To play in this game, we don't need to be huge, starting linemen. We don't need to be star wide receivers. We just need to put on a jersey and run. That's all that He requires. To run. To strive. To improve. Joseph Smith himself said that our progression in this gospel is much like climbing a ladder: what matters isn't that we reach the top, but that we are continually taking the next step. That's all that matters. not perfection just yet, but improvement each and every day. I can promise all of you that as we look within ourselves, ask the penetrating question that President Uchtdorf so eloquently committed us to do: "Lord, is it I?", that we will receive light into our lives. We will know what he wants of us, and we will know exactly how to repent. How to become better. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen. 
Elder Stock
Thankfully, he's OK!
 Until next week, when we find out about transfers.

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