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12/29/14 - 17th LETTER FROM DUNCAN

We had 40 minutes to Skype with Elder Stock on Christmas Day and it was heaven!!!!!!  He was even able to talk to Brianna Baxter, Emily Codling, Laura Jones and Jeremy Call!  How could he call home and NOT see friends?!?  His Mamita and Aunt Jacquelen were here to chat with him as well.  It was a great visit and it was fun to see him and his companions.  Happy day!!!!!!!  The best part....we only had to wait 4 days until his letter!
Laura Jones, Emily Codling and Brianna Baxter (l to r)
 The Stock's
Anthony, Nicole, Colton, Asher, Kyler, Roscoe and Cocolette Amelie Genevieve Fifi Peney

Dear Everyone, just saw me face to face on Thursday,'ve probably had enough of me, but here I am! Like any good missionary, I ain't leaving you alone! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas...because mine was fantastic!
So...this week was super hectic and crazy and jam-packed with awesomeness, so as I look back now on my journal to accurately depict the happenings of my week, I am struck by just how much happened...because it seems like this week was a lot longer than a week...but in a good way. Doesn't make sense, but hey...that's how missions work. Basically, there were three holidays this week: Christmas Eve, Christmas Day (they both have very different feels to them. Throughout my life, this has been true...), and Boxing Day (Canada exclusive holiday!). It was awesome. On Monday and Tuesday, the Duncan ward had their annual Christmas pageant, and it was awesome! 
I got to participate by lurking in the church's gym, waiting for the guests of the pageant to come in for hot chocolate. I pounced on those people like a lioness going after a gazelle at a watering hole. But in a gospel sharing sense, of course. I got to talk to a lot of cool people, as usual. 
I got some incredible Christmas packages this year, as well. SHOUT OUT to the Baxter Family! Your package was awesome! You better believe those Godzilla plates are up in my cupboard. And the Christmas card is stellar. That RC helicopter is incredible, too! I almost gave my companion an accidental haircut, but...that's alright. ;) Thanks so much! You all rock and Merry Christmas!
SHOUT OUT to my family (The Stock Family): you guys are pretty okay, too, I guess. ;) Just kidding: I love you all! Your package rocked as well. The traditional slinky was heartwarming. And those pajamas are super comfortable. The sweater's super nice, and the candy is awesome. 
SHOUT OUT to Emily Codling and Laura Jones! All I have to say is...Pacific Rim and Joseph Smith are a match made in heaven. Thanks a ton! :D
Yeah, Christmas rocked. Skyping the fam was great. Don't worry, mom! I'm wearing my retainer! :,( It was nice to see my companions' families as well. We had dinner at the Smith's home in our ward, and it was awesome! I got to tap maple trees in their backyard! I'm pretty much a full-fledged Canadian now... We talked to a lot of people this week, and taught some good lessons. I actually got called to teach the gospel principles class literally the night before by the teacher. I had to teach the last lesson in the book: exaltation. Yikes! It wasn't exactly the most basic of doctrine...but it turned out okay. Lol. No testimonies were shattered...I don't think, at least. So, I have these Nerf guns from Elder Jacobs' dad that shoot up to 90 FEET! And they are deadly. we have Nerf wars a lot, now...and to test out the gun's strength, I held up a Lay's potato chip and Elder Hansen shot it. The chip exploded into, like, a thousand pieces! AH! It's too powerful!
Man, I love the mission. Christmas was great. I know this church is true, and that Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer. He loves us and helps us each day as we come unto Him, follow Him, and walk with Him. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Elder Colton Anthony Stock
 Package from the Baxter's!!!
 Elder Hansen!
 Elder Jacobs!
 Elder Stock!
 Spiritual Gangsta!
 w.o.w......just wow
 He's so lucky to be there!!!
 The tri-force Christmas morning
 Nerf Wars!
 Colton also said: 
"Looking forward to 2015?! I know I am! It's the one year of my life that I will do nothing but serve the Lord."
 Here's to a great year!

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