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12/8/14 - 14th LETTER FROM DUNCAN

Just found out today (not from my missionary, but from other moms) that we will NOT Skype with Colton on Christmas, just a phone call.  I'm really ok with that, just excited to talk to him soon.  I did want to take a family photo with Colton on the computer, but it's really no big deal.  We're all so happy that he's in Canada serving the Lord!!!  Tomorrow the Priority Mail Christmas box will be sent out- I'm so excited!!!!  Now let's here from Colton:

To Whom It May Concern (Hopefully Everyone):
Hello from Duncan! This is Elder Stock, reporting another fantastic week up here on the Island! To quote a beloved and time-honored movie: "Everything is awesome!" I'm having a blast up here and getting along great with my two companions. They're hilarious and while Elder Jacobs and I nerd out about stuff, Elder Hansen is able to reign us in. So it's a good balance. You might even say it was an inspired balance..... Duncan is an awesome place, and now that it's started to warm up a little bit more (7 degrees Celsius), all of the snow's melted and we're back to rain! Hooray! I'm rockin' the short sleeves today, so I think I've adjusted pretty well so far, but once it actually gets cold, I'll probably be hosed. 
Anyways, this week was an incredible week. We had an insanely good district meeting in which we studied the Holy Ghost and what his companionship truly means in our lives. If we keep the commandments and are clean, then we literally have the right to have a member of the Godhead by our side at all times! How cool is that?! I have felt the Spirit very strongly on my mission, and I am truly studying and learning how to recognize the Spirit even more in my life, so that I can heed the promptings that our Heavenly Father will give me and align my will with His even more in my life. 
My comp., Elder Hansen, hit his year mark this week. To celebrate, we went out to Cobble Hill ( a neighborhood about thirty minutes away from our house) and helped some new people in our ward move in. We taught W about temples and family history, and he loved it. We're going around the ward so that my new comps. can meet everyone in this awesome ward. 
We found a new investigator named T, and he is awesome. I love sharing this gospel with everyone! We walked a lot this week, so my legs feel ripped. I'm down to 199 pounds...I've lost a ton of weight thus far. Totally the reverse effect of what i was expecting... But hey, i ain't complaining! ;) I got to give some little kid in my ward a blessing after he had an asthma attack and it was a super spiritual experience. I am loving how when you live the gospel, you truly can be a conduit for the Lord to work through you. The priesthood is real. It works. 
Yesterday, we had our Christmas devotional ward social here in Duncan. We all gathered to watch the First Presidency's Christmas Devotional, and then we had a super classy ward social. It was an awesome atmosphere to feel the spirit and to become even better friends with our members. I love it. This Christmas season, I have been praying to truly know that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, that He is real and that the Christmas story is true. I strongly, firmly believe it is, but I want to transform this belief into knowledge. So I'll give you an update at the end of the month as to what answer I received. Super excited. I love Christmas. It is awesome, especially on a mission right now. I'm feelin' the true meaning of it. I love this gospel, and I know that God is real, and that He lives and love us. I know that you all can know this, too. Discover the gift, embrace the gift, share the gift. He is the Gift. Love that video. And I love all of you. Talk to you next week!

Elder Stock
Here's a link to the #ShareTheGift video
Colton sent us this photo taken right before we dropped him at the MTC in August.
Colton said: Sendin' the golden child off to the Great White North. Classic. 
2 more letters until our phone call....

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