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12/22/14 - 16th LETTER FROM DUNCAN

Today couldn't have been better once we heard the news that our Christmas phone call had been upgraded to Skype!!!!  We're so thankful to the Ruttan's for opening their home (once again) to my boy and letting him use their computer.  Can't wait for Thursday!!!!!  Kyler doesn't like to write long letters to his brother.  He decided to make his own meme's and send that to Colton.  Here's what he sent him today.

I expect we'll see plenty more of these over the next 20 months!  Now for the letter.

Dear Mission Blog,
Guess what week it is?! Christmas! I'm more excited for Christmas on my mission than I ever have been. Well, when I was a little Stock-meister I got pretty amped for the holiday. But I am super excited for Christmas this year, not just for the Christmas Skype call that I get to be apart of, but because of the miracles that I know will happen on Christmas as I go out and talk to our Father in heaven's awesome children! I have the utmost faith that we will see miracles this Christmas. So I am preparing for them now. I have been privileged and fortunate enough so far to see miracles on my mission, and I can't wait to see them continue. Especially during this week. 
This week has been pretty cool, not gonna lie. I got to watch a crazy early 80's church video called "Morality for Youth" with N and K this Tuesday. Holy heck it was hilarious. We kind of accidentally selected the video on the DVD, and then we kind of just let the video play. Lots of white water rafting euphemisms and just blatant chastity counsel that was pretty intense. But luckily it went over N and K's heads like a rogue airplane high-tailing it out of Berlin. After that experience, we went to downtown Duncan to do some street contacting. We were on exchange with one of my zone leaders (Elder Huni--he rocks) and we saw so many miracles that day! So many people were in downtown and willing and ready to talk with us. We had some great conversations with them. I got to meet a pastafarian in real life, and they're even crazier than I imagined! ;) Basically atheism but with a little bit more sarcasm and bitterness towards the concept of faith. Interesting conversations, but it was fun nonetheless. We met some people who were actually receptive and super cool, as well, so it wasn't a loss at all. We met with one of our investigators, and he's doing awesome! and we also got to have a big Christmas party with our gospel principles class at the Cyphers' home. It was sweet! Homemade pizzas are where it's at! 
I told one of my investigators in some "How to Begin Teaching" from PMG that I'm just an 18 year old kid who has little to no life experience, but Jesus Christ knows how to help you with anything that happens in your life. He was like, "You're only 18?! I thought you guys were way older! How do you have all of this wisdom?!" And then he gained a lot of respect for the church/missionary effort. It was hilarious and cool. 
So I had a crazy awesome dinner appointment with some members in our ward, and they made actually good Mexican food! Yeah, all the Mexican I've had up here has been pretty bland, but they did it right! (I might also just be desensitized to what Mexican food tastes like by now, as well...) It was awesome. I was so full after it, though, that I barely wrote in my was too much effort. ;) Oh, missionary life! I traded Elder Durfee (who'll be home in Gilbert soon) my purple tie for his awesome red and white one. It was sick! I'll send a picture! 
Pretty sad news, though...our awesome bishop in this ward suddenly moved up to the North... He got a new job, and the moving trucks were unexpectedly ready, etc. So he left yesterday...he was awesome! We got to go to his farewell party at some other ward members' house, and it was great. I got some packages this week. 
SHOUT OUT TO: My parents, Grandpa & Grandma and Austin & Reagan Mulleneaux! Thanks for the packages. They rocked. I'm gaining back my greenie weight loss, that's not good. ;) Just kidding, I'll shave it off over time. Lots of walking in this mission. It rained super hard on Saturday. 
We had a Christmas cantata in the Duncan ward yesterday, and it was great. I love this time of year that we have to focus on the Savior even more in our lives. It was a good week. I am looking forward to tonight. We have the famous Duncan Ward Christmas pageant that garners about 750 people each year. We have that tonight and tomorrow night, and it should be an excellent opportunity for us to find more people that the Lord has prepared. I'm so pumped for this week, and for Skyping on Thursday! I love you all, and stay safe for the holidays. Focus on Christ this Christmas. Watch "He is the Gift" until your eyes melt, and have a wonderful time. This truly is the best time of the year.

Your Truly,
Elder Stock
 Gilbert Boys!
Elder Stock and Elder Durfee
Elder Durfee will be home next month and I can't wait to have him and his family over for dinner!
 Straight Outta the Shower
(I guess he wears a white shirt ALL THE TIME!?!)
 Elder Hansen
 Elder Jacobs
Saying Goodbye to Bishop Coleman
 The Thinker.....Mormon style!
Can't wait to Skype with this boy on Thursday!!!!!

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