Monday, December 1, 2014

12/1/14 - 13th LETTER FROM DUNCAN I knew that Colton had transfers this last week and couldn't wait to hear all about it.  Then I realized that I wouldn't have to wait if I got on Facebook and asked Sister Ruttan from the ward he's serving in if he's still in Duncan.  Of course, that's what I did.  This is what Colton wrote me: Yeah...Sister Ruttan told me what you did. I was laughing so hard. I told her that I can't even escape my mom all the way up here in Canada. She told me that you're just doing what a good mom would do. I kind of agree... ;)
Yes, Colton....there's no escape!  Here's his letter.

Dear Everyone,
This week has been fantastic. Maybe even a little bit better than last week, which is saying something! So, this week was transfer week! My trainer Elder Orr got shipped off to a city called Mission in the Lower Mainland, and I stayed in Duncan...with my new companions! Yeah, that's plural. When we got the transfer call, Elder Baker (one of the assistants) told me that I would be getting two new companions--Elder Jacobs and Elder Hansen. Elder Jacobs is the district leader here, so that's cool! Me and Elder Hansen get to chill out while he makes district phone calls every night. But anyways, the day we shipped everyone off to their new areas was crazy. I got a picture with Norm and Ken finally, which was a dream come true, and I also got to drive around pretty much the entire Island with Elder McCown, because we both had no clue where we were going. It was nuts. But, we made it to all of the respective places and ferry terminals and airports we needed to in order to send everyone off. 
So, I got Elder Jacobs on Wednesday night. He's from Jefferson City, Missouri and is going home in four months. He's hilarious and super outgoing and a total nerd, which is something I can relate to! Me and him found some guy on the street our first night in Duncan and we met with him Friday morning. He's getting baptized on December 27th! Oh yeah, miracles have not ceased! The Lord prepares us for the truth! We then got Elder Hansen on Friday night (his plane from Prince George was delayed) and he's super cool. He's from Provo,, 30 seconds away from the MTC, and has been out for a year. His dad served in the Portland, Oregon mission just like Elder Stock, Sr. did! Anyways, being in a tri is super awesome. We're having a ton of fun and seeing a lot of miracles together already. 
Also, it snowed on Friday night. Snow!!! It's super cool! I feel like a five year old discovering snow for the first time...oh wait, I pretty much am! My companions kind of chuckle when I go into my weird little snow trances. "Man, this stuff is so cool..." "Dude, snow just doesn't even just gets EVERYWHERE!" "Guys, look at me! I'm snow!"
Yeah...the novelty's already worn off for them... I'm still in the honeymoon phase of snow. But yeah, life is good, just hardcore cleaning my apartment today and getting stuff ready for another week of miracles! I love you all, and I want to bear testimony to you all that this is the true church, Christ's church, restored to the earth. God is real, and He does indeed love us. He sent His son to us to save us from ourselves. And His son is the gift. #sharethegift 

You all are amazing!
Elder Stock
 Elder Orr packing up and moving on :-(
 Colton and Norm and Ken
 One last group photo
 The Tri-Force! (according to Colton)
Elder Stock, Elder Jacobs, Elder Hansen
Can't wait to hear about their future adventures!

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