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11/9/15 - 13th LETTER FROM LANGLEY

Hello Again!

Well, I would love to amateurishly expound on some magnificent scriptures about missionary work/the example of Jesus Christ, but I am super busy today. In fact, I am down in White Rock, BC for this e-mail. Beautiful place and a beautiful drive....'course, you'll be tired and cranky when you get there! We are having some fun with the elders here and decided to come and e-mail with them on preparation day. So, we're going to be bailing pretty soon.... They've got a nice beach here. Like, a seriously nice beach. They don't call this place Beautiful British Columbia for nothing! Can I just take a moment and publicly praise my companion? Elder Gawrys is awesome! Seriously, it's so fun being in the Fraser Valley YSA. We are having a romp and getting work done! It's been great. I am constantly learning. Every day. And it's all from on high. God truly does teach us through the Holy Ghost. I know that to be true. And it often comes as we are doing His work in His way.

There were lots of cool experiences this week. We taught one of our investigator's friends, D and he is solid! Really great lesson on the Restoration. Truly, the Spirit testifies of Joseph Smith's First Vision EVERY SINGLE TIME! Go ahead: test it out. We headed out to Surrey on Tuesday and had a blast finding people to teach. And we taught them! Lots of lessons, this week, people. When you're a teaching missionary, you're happy. And then when you're a baptizing missionary, you're even happier.

We got to have another super professional meeting out in Abbotsford with a stake presidency member. We're talking board room, fancy suits, people bringing in water for us to drink...it was pretty cool. I felt like I was in an action thriller where the main guy finds himself roped up in a crazy business deal that ends in an unraveling conspiracy. But in reality, it was just a really, really good meeting on how missionary work can improve in the stake between members and missionaries.

We had another big meeting out in Richmond on Friday, President Burt talked a lot about having "a mission on fire" and what it will take to get there. The base of our mission fire is going to be attitude, work ethic, knowledge, and obedience. I can assure you all that this mission has caught fire. It's going to get pretty sweet in these next few months as a spiritual wildfire spreads through the province, igniting all in its path and, as the fire of the Holy Ghost does, sanctifying everything it touches. I'm pumped.

It was an amaing meeting, and I was glad that I was able to reconnect with a lot of my batch (the elders I came out on my mission with). The Richmond ward cooked us a huge turkey dinner, as well! Us missionaries cannot say no to food.... Well, at least I can't...

On Saturday, we saw some cool miracles! We were riding the bus from Langley to the tip of Surrey, and were sitting next to a lady named K. We started talking to her, and ended up teaching her the Restoration! We will be seeing her this week again. Always be teaching. Wherever you go. Because the Lord will put people in your path who are ready to receive the restored gospel!

We also were teaching one of our recently returning less-active members. T, and there was a person sitting next to us at the Tim Horton's we were in. We decided to invite them to learn more about the Restoration, and they accepted! The YSA sisters will be teaching her this week and helping her prepare for her baptism later this month. Seriously, God is so good. If we can just forget ourselves and our own comfort zones. He will shower us with miracles and blessings from on high. But, just like the Hastening of the work in general, He works according to our diligence and our faith. He's not going to force us to do well in this work.

We talked to T about his brother, H, and worked with him to start teaching him. The lesson we had with them was incredible, and T wants to work toward receiving the priesthood now to baptize his brother! That's God's plan, right there!

We went to visit a member from the YSA and their family, and just decided to drop by instead of call ahead. We came over and they let us in gladly. We shared our message about the plan of salvation, and expressed how we had felt prompted to be there that evening. The Spirit was so strong, and we were able to identify some people in their lives that we are going to start working to share the gospel with. And then, as if our visit wasn't enough, the Willoughy Chinese Sisters dropped by as we were leaving! The family was like, "Ok! Fine! We know that you were inspired to see us!" It was hilarious.

The week was fantastic. Honestly. And this week is looking really good, too. I love just getting lost in this Work. It's where it is at. Just serve God will all of your heart, might, mind and strength. Give Him your all, and you will find that He is already giving you His all. I know that our Heavenly Father lives and loves us personally. He sees the potential that we have and desires nothing more but to help us reach that potential. His Son, Jesus Christ, is the Savior and Redeemer of the world, and that He is actively involved in His work of salvation. He has called apostles to help Him, and they have called us, His missionaries. I and my companions throughout the world are called of God. And we will serve. Because this Work will not end. Despite any opposition that can come our way, we will not stop. Because He is on our side. I hope you all have an amazing week!

Elder Stock

Me and the new Nissan Rogue.....
The Batmobile of Langely YSA
Get ready, world!!!
(Colton has also referred to the Nissan Rogue as the Lord's Chariot!)

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