Monday, February 29, 2016



"What even happened this week?" inquired Elder Stock to his companion as they emailed. "It's just a blur..."

"Yeah, I don't know..." responded the great Elder Stirland.

Well, there's your update! Have a great week!

Kidding. Kind of, it was a blur, but some noteworthy things happened. Our zone received transfer calls. We are staying, but nearly everyone else in the Nanaimo zone got a transfer call... So a lot of fresh faces for this next transfer! We are excited for what is to come.

We had a really good district meeting this week, and talked a lot about how we need to really be committed as missionaries to this great work we are a part of. Commitment is such a powerful concept. As we fully commit ourselves to anything, we will see greater success.

I love being a missionary in the Canada Vancouver Mission!!!!! This place is where it's at!

Elder Stirland and I have really focused on following the Spirit as we go finding so we can find those people whom the Lord has prepared for us to find.

We have seen miracles as we have done so! We are finding families to teach and to baptize. I know without a shadow of a doubt that the Lord is in this Work, and that He is leading His servants to those whom He has prepared. Let's all get on board. This is the Work of salvation. And it is moving full-steam ahead!!!

Something I have really been trying to help my investigators, my fellow missionaries, and myself really understand is the importance of repentance/improvement in our daily lives. I have learned through reading the Book of Mormon that the pattern and application of repentance will bless us greatly, if we will follow it. We must follow the example of the people of King Benjamin. "And they viewed themselves in their own carnal state...and they all cried...O have mercy, and apply the atoning blood of Christ, that we may receive forgiveness of our sins, and our hearts may be purified, for we believe in Jesus Christ: (Mosiah 4:2).

The first step in repenting is viewing ourselves. We as missionaries constantly look for ways to improve, and in doing so, we of course find the flaws. And as we APPLY the Atonement, in its enabling and redemptive power, we will be purified. I know that to be true. I am grateful to be able to teach it and help others to experience the same joy of repentance that I do. I am grateful that we can repent, and love that we can see it for what it really is: a blessing in our lives.

I am grateful for the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, it is true. Whenever I teach and testify of it, I feel the Spirit and I know that the Spirit carries it unto the hearts of those I teach. Joseph Smith did see God and Jesus Christ. And because of that, your life is blessed! Think of the blessings, and your fears, doubts, and disbelief will no longer even be relevant.

Let us all remember Him. To always remember Him means always forgetting ourselves. I hope you all have a great week!!!

THE Elder Stock

A dragon light the way...
 Nanaimo South Island District meeting!!!
 The next three photos were taken by Ashwani Kumar Sinha in Colton's area in Nanaimo. Thank you, Ashwani!!!

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