Monday, April 18, 2016

4/18/16 - 13th LETTER FROM NANAIMO


"Elders, we're sorry to call you.. What we're about to tell you saddens us, too...." the assistants to the president said over the phone. Elder Stock and Elder Stirland looked at each other, panic in their eyes.

"No!!!" they yelled in unison.

"Yes, elders. We're calling on behalf of President Burt. With some transfer news..."

Needless to say, Elder Stirland and I are going to be having different companions this transfer. And I'm no longer going to be on the island! I am heading off to Vernon, out in the beautifully balmy Okanagan Valley. Now, if you remember your study of The Missionary Journeys of Elder Stock, you will notice that this isn't the first time I've been to the Okanagan Valley. But Vernon is a little more north than Westbank. I am so excited to go there and to be able to serve in this zone!!!

Maybe I'll get to find the infamous monster of Lake Okanagan...the Ogopogo!

I've had such a blast here in Nanaimo. Vancouver Island is precious land, and I am grateful for the time I was allotted to return here. The members on the Island are incredible, and the people here are, as well.

This week, Elder Stirland and I found a miracle new investigator as we were finding by the Spirit. We were walking through the south end of our area, in the sketchy part of the city, and seeing lots of fun "mission story" people. But we wanted to find people to teach, not just to talk about later. So we decided to go farther up into a street we had never seen before called View Street. On it, we found a young single adult named "R". He's from China and lives in an immaculate house. He goes to VIU and studies fine arts. He was so interested in what we had to share, that he let us in and we taught him the message of the Restoration. Even though he has very little Christian background, he was so excited at what he learned, and wants more of it. He committed to baptism in May and to come to church...which he did the next day! He is loving it and is soaking up the gospel.

The Lord is preparing His children all over the world! And we, as missionaries, can find them and teach them as we rely on the Lord to do His work.

We had a really great zone meeting this week! Nanaimo is on fire!!! We learned how to be great missionaries, and how to press forward even through trials.

Anyways, this is going to be a great transfer! I can't really talk, as I have to catch a ferry soon. But I will update you all more on how epic this week will be.

Elder Stock
Nanaimo Zone Meeting!
 "On Fire" announcement
 The banner.... to announce our new found fire!!!
 Reflecting on life and discipleship out by the end of the world...
 Starfish be like....
 Me and the starfish...
 Elder Stirland and I's family picture frame!!!
 Starfish hang out spot.
 Homemade to break a fast right! ;)
 My personal, narcissistic shrine...
 The storm clouds of life...come at me!!! 
Just kidding....just kidding....

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