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4/25/16 - 1st LETTER FROM VERNON


"Well, Elder Scully...we're in Burnaby right now, and we've got to get to Vernon way out in the Okanagan in about four hours....You ready, my man?"

Elder Scully turned to Elder Stock in the front of a new Nissan Rogue, with the look of determination on his face. "Oh yeah," he said in a manly falsetto voice. "Bring it on."

Elder Stock flipped the vehicle into sports mode and they went flying through the lower mainland and up nearly the entire width of BC towards their new area. No stops... Well, except for:

"Hey, we're low on gas....and I need a Dr. Pepper. You down?"

"Sure..." said Elder Scully.

And they were off again! Through canyons, mountains, forests, and valleys. They arrived in their new home: Vernon. Of course, they had to pass through Kelowna...and we all know that it's a long road from Nanaimo to Kelowna! The dynamic duo made it to the city that needs them, and were met by their heroic third companion: Elder Jenkins. And they went to work.

The week was incredible. I enjoyed the drive to the Okanagan and it was really fun to be able to come back to this area of the mission. It is WARM up here! (I googled to see how warm it was when he arrived. Vernon was having record breaking temperatures at 81 degrees fahrenheit. I don't know if my boy can handle the heat in Arizona anymore) I got to bust out my short sleeves again. Time for that missionary/farmer tan! This week, we started working in Vernon and preaching the gospel like crazy. We saw some huge miracles so far, such as a random woman seeing us in downtown, then wanting to talk to us but we had left, and then we felt inspired to tract on her street and she ran out of her home, wanted to meet with us and is now progressing towards baptism. Whoa, people. It's like the Hastening or something!

We got to know our zone. The missionaries here in the north Okanagan are incredible. Our zone is on fire. My companions are really great. Elder Jenkins hails from Bountiful, Utah, and is really good at just about everything and being a great, hardworking missionary on fire. Elder Scully comes from the far away land of Edmonton, Alberta, and is a boss at finding out scriptural lineages and making the best voice impressions of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Morgan Freeman of all time...that's a plus.

We are seeing crazy miracles, the ward is legit, and everything is going really well. I am learning a lot at this point in my mission about the heart and how to give that to the Lord. I am doing everything I need to be doing, but the way to improve from there is to give of your heart to Him and really allow Him to change your nature. And I am learning that, I love my Savior. He is there right beside me and He redeems me when I fall. He makes me into the missionary He needs in His vineyard. His words this week from the Doctrine and Covenants stood out to me. He said, "yea, [you have] undertaken a greater work; therefore, I will make [you] as flaming fire and a ministering angel; [you] shall minister for those who shall be heirs of salvation who dwell on the earth" (D&C 7:6).

I know by the power of the Holy Ghost that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and He is at the helm of this great Work of Salvation. Wherever you go, He is with you. So long as you come unto Him. Because He has come unto you. I know that He invites us all into His rest, and that He has restored His everlasting gospel to the earth once more through a living prophet. He has brought forth more of His word. The Book of Mormon is true, and it is the instrument we need to draw closer to our Savior than ever before. We live in dark times. Trials come our way that we can't foresee, temptations surround us that seem impossible to overcome, sadness looms over top a world that on the surface looks so "put together". But amidst the challenges we face, amidst the perils and pitfalls of this broken world, we can find hope, peace, and comfort through living the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that I am called of God by a prophet. And this great Work will never cease. Until He says it does.

In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Have a great week,
Elder Stock
Possible the last ferry ride.... :(
 Elder Scully and I gearing up for the long road!
 Our first view of Okanagan Lake!
 TERRIFYING Primary posters in Canada...
 The TRI to end all TRIs!
 Elder Jenkins and I at a Mexican food hole in the wall...

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