Monday, July 25, 2016

7/25/16 - 2nd LETTER IN SIDNEY


“Yeah, and so district meeting will be an awesome time to receive revelation and then we need to actually apply what we learn in the work and see miracles,” Elder Stock said, trying to sagely teach his son Elder Whitney the finer doctrines of the kingdom. The duo walked by the kitchen in the stake centre of Victoria. A man was filling up glasses of water in there. He was shorter, kind of a stocky man, with a nice suit on. He turned to Elder Stock.

“You’ve gotten taller,” he said with a straight face. Elder Stock smiled.

“Will!!!!!! I can’t believe you are actually here! It’s been so long!” After an epic man hug, the duo turned to Elder Whitney.

“Well, let’s go do this district meeting,” Will said.

A year and a half ago, Will Wilson was baptized on Elder Stock’s last weekend of Duncan life. And now, he is a stake single adult representative in Victoria, owns a nice suit, and is extremely faithful to his calling and to the gospel of Jesus Christ. That’s why we serve. So people like Will can have a chance.

This week has been a blast! Elder Whitney and I have been really just focusing on having our “line in the water” as fishers of men. Making sure that we are always doing something that will help us find people to teach this restored gospel to. And we have been treated to Heavenly Father’s countless miracles. We have been journeying out onto reserves, trekking across towns, and preaching this gospel by the Spirit to all that we see.

Honestly, being a missionary is awesome. At this point in my mission, I literally have an aching urge to go and help others receive the restored gospel. Like, when I am not doing that, I am itching to go back out and work. I feel the Spirit. I feel God’s hand in my life, and receive His revelation for me. Specific, clear revelation that I use and that I become better with. I have my testimony and conversion strengthened each and every day, and I know that that is from God. What a blessing it is to serve! I never want to give this up!

So, funny story. My whole mission, I have always acted as “Lloyd” in my role plays of teaching. Literally because in the MTC, I did my first role play, they asked me who I was, and I thought of Dumb and Dumber being the unconsecrated weirdo I was, and said I was Lloyd. Anyways, Elder Whitney practiced as him every day and one day, we are tracting, and are led to this house at the bottom of a reserve right next to a lagoon. After we go all the way there, we find a man sitting in his chair. “Hey, there! We’re your missionaries! How are ya?!” I yell.

The man in the chair says, “Come in!” We do, and teach him the Restoration. He wants us back, and we find out that his name is…Lloyd. Two years of role playing and God finally led me to the man! So there you go!

Sidney is the best, the ward here is the greatest, Vancouver Island is the greatest place on earth, I love life, and yeah…I can’t say too much more. I feel like Elder Christensen on the District 2 Episode 1. Watch it and laugh after this email.

I know that this work is Christ’s cause. That He has commissioned all of us, as His followers, to go forth and to teach all nations, baptizing them in His name! I know that His gospel and priesthood authority has been restored to the earth through the Prophet Joseph Smith. I know the Book of Mormon is true. I continue to know that each time I read and pray about it. It is the most correct book on earth, and will bring you closer to your Savior. I know He lives. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen!

Have a great week,
Elder Stock
Me and Will Wilson, brothers in arms! 

We be preachin’…

My last study journal….it’s as deep as you can get! ;)
I mean, just look at that cosmos!!!  

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