Tuesday, August 2, 2016

8/2/16 - 3rd LETTER IN SIDNEY


“Will you follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by someone holding this priesthood authority of God?” Elder Whitney said as he invited an investigator to baptism whom he had found within that hour.

“Yes,” he said.

The two exited the home and continued on their way, following the Spirit and continuing to see miracles from on high. Suddenly, a giant spider burst forth out of the ground on the reserve. Hissing with massive fangs, it threatened to destroy the people these missionaries swore to protect…

I’m kidding, I’m kidding. But wouldn’t that be awesome?!

Well, I was just kidding about the giant spider thing. But the whole baptism stuff? That’s real life.

Anyways, this week has been one of diligence, faith and obedience. Just the way I like it! It’s a scriptural pattern of success, and one you can find everywhere in the Book of Mormon. Studying those three interlinked Christ-like attributes and then applying them yields eternal joy and the ability to bring others to Christ.

As I embark in these eleventh hour days of my mission, I feel a genuine love for these people, and am reminded of Christ’s life. As He was about to end His mission, we read that, “when Jesus knew that His hour was come that He should depart…He loved them (His disciples, those He taught, those He served) unto the end” (John 13:1).

I reflected on that aspect of the Savior’s life this week. Am I truly loving those I serve, those around me, until the end of my mission? And more importantly, will I do so until the end of this life? Until the Master says Himself that the work is finished?

Being a disciple of Jesus Christ is a lifelong pursuit. I know that more than ever out here. I know that He is at the helm of this great work of salvation, leading all of us along, drawing all of us unto Him.

This week has been full of miracles. We are finding tons of people to teach, our teaching is effective and helping these people gain greater faith in Christ and follow Him more fully, and I know that the Spirit is with us.

I love being able to walk with purpose, holding a crisp pass-along Book of Mormon in my hand, and to be able to go and talk with everyone and help them understand the restored gospel and the uniqueness of what we are doing. Honestly, as cheesy as that sounds, I love it!!!

I love being able to study by the Spirit, and to be taught from the Holy Ghost. And then to go out and USE that to bless the lives of the people we teach and serve! I love this Church and this gospel. I know that this work is true. That Jesus Christ leads us, and that He loves us. I know that He is our greatest friend, and that He has restored this gospel through a living prophet. That He speaks through the Book of Mormon. I know He lives. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Have a great week,
Elder Stock
Doing what we call “12 Week” with my son. #fathersonmoments
 Vancouver Island.
Yeah, just TRY to find a prettier place.
 The collection of exotic, American imported Dew. Behold…
 Father and son pose in front of our epic board to keep track of our district… #legit2016

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